Arcade Studios
June 20, 2022
1321 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Canada
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The Company

Arcade is an award-winning digital agency specializing in strategy, content production, social media and email marketing. We leverage engaging content and modern distribution strategies to nurture online communities, maximize brand influence and generate revenue. We curate our team with the same intention and attention to detail that we apply to every client partnership. Each individual on our roster brings a unique portfolio of talent and experience that contributes to the high-caliber service that we deliver daily.

The Standards

Be proud of who you are. Our stories and marketing campaigns are better when they originate from a group of people arriving from different perspectives, ethnic backgrounds, orientations, genders, and worldviews. Who we are and how we see ourselves is directly related to how the world will receive our work.

Always be in beta. We’re determined to make a mark that lingers far after we’re gone, which means pushing boundaries and taking risks. Always learning and adapting, we are uncomfortable with staying the same. Legacies are built by those who dare to evolve with the world, and who have the drive to reimagine their work over and over again.

Be humble. Confidence is an asset, arrogance is a liability. The strength of any team stems from the individual’s ability to recognize both their strengths and weaknesses, and celebrate their team’s success as their own. Similarly, we share in our failures or shortcomings as a first step to identifying creative solutions for future growth. We do our best work when we work together, through moments of difficulty and success.

Take it all the way. No one wants generalists; the world needs specialists. Have the courage to define your genius zone—whether it's strategy, social, writing, or creative-—and take it all the way. Double down on your own education, push your own limits, and become a true practitioner in your craft.

The Job

Working closely with the Marketing Director and content team, the Copywriter will support the development of all current retainer email & blog clients, projects, seasonal campaigns, and new editorial business pitches. You will collaborate directly with clients day-to-day to align strategic initiatives that protect and develop the integrity of their brand strategy as envisioned by Arcade Studios. You will liaise between the client and Arcade’s internal team to steward all marketing, campaigns, and written content to meet strategic objectives.

The Specifics

  • Work with the Marketing Director, Art Director, and Project Lead to brainstorm and ideate creative campaign ideas with short-term and long-term tactical executions that deliver results.

  • Conduct brand and competitive audits to identify new campaigns and opportunities for the client.

  • Develop clear campaign strategies for ongoing campaigns and editorial objectives.

  • Demonstrate the highest level of customer service; convey a polished and professional demeanor with clients during day-to-day calls and emails, in-person meetings, etc.

  • Guide and execute on all writing assignements on behalf of clients including email campaigns, identifying brand tone of voice in digital marketing strategies, and any other copy needs that might come up.

  • Provide leadership and expertise in the content creation process to improve the final deliverable and guarantee quality (quality assurance).

  • Provide support in guiding copy for internal teams across the agency to meet client goals ensuring that the brand strategy and objectives are being met.

  • Liaise between internal team and client for product launches, campaigns, productions, etc.

  • Be responsible for understanding how editorial content is performing, how the online community is reacting, what is working/what is not, and identify weaknesses to optimize strategies.

  • Act as a copy evangelist across the organization, providing guidance or education as needed.

  • Maintain awareness of emerging trends and practices, identifying opportunities worth pursuing.

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