Paper Leaf
July 7, 2021
Edmonton, Canada
Job Type


Hey! Paper Leaf is an award-winning digital product agency located in Edmonton, AB. We design & develop innovative custom websites, web applications, and mobile applications –and we are looking to add another full-time Web Developer to our current team to help us do that. We have a fun, relaxed & flexible environment; a tight-knit team where your voice is heard; a variety of challenging, rewarding, and creative work; and room for professional development. It’s a good place to be, and while we're currently remote during the pandemic, we do anticipate working back in a traditional office space at least part-time when we return.

With that said, this is a remote position for now, but applicants should be able to travel to Edmonton, Alberta and work from our office at least two days every week. Applications from anywhere in Alberta will be considered. We will also accept applications from anywhere in Canada if you’d like to move to Alberta.

We work on projects for clients across the globe, and you'll be working on a team that values high-quality execution – not one that is hellbent on burning you out and churning out as much work as possible. You can learn more about our work on the Portfolio page , our team on our About page, and get a good vibe of our culture from our Instagram feed. Sometimes mission statements are bogus, but we believe in ours: to help businesses and organizations grow through elegant execution of design and technology.

As well, we believe that diversity in all regards contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently improve Paper Leaf and the work we do. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.

Position Overview

An Intermediate Web Developer position at Paper Leaf is a full-stack one – so experience and/or interest in both front and back end is a must. You’ll be working in a modern web development environment (git, version control, etc) on large/complex content managed sites (primarily WordPress – custom builds, not theme customizations), eCommerce sites, web applications (Laravel, React) and mobile applications (React Native) for clients ranging from established businesses to international organizations and government corporations. You will also be responsible for the planning and execution of multiple projects - as an intermediate developer, we expect you to identify what needs to be done, and work with your team to see it through!

At Paper Leaf, our developers are involved in projects from their inception, working with a consistent tight-knit, cross-functional team. You aren’t left in the dark until you’re handed a design file. You’re not only involved in the execution of the end product – you’re involved in the brainstorming & problem-solving parts of your projects, including production strategy meetings, code reviews, and more.

We realize the technical expectations are a big ask – we don’t expect you to know or have experience in everything right off the bat. A willingness and ability to learn is a big asset. So don’t avoid applying if you are lacking in some of the above areas; if you have a desire to learn we can help you get there.

Your role is crucial to the success of the company, our clients, and their projects.

Ideal Candidate

Are you the ideal candidate for this position? We’re looking for someone who…

  • enjoys decomposing large requirements into manageable tasks
  • wants to work collaboratively in a small, tight-knit project team
  • is interested in cross-functional teams and roles
  • thinks through problems thoroughly and can foresee gaps in project requirements
  • is a true problem-solver and critical thinker
  • identifies tradeoffs, risks, and potential issues, and works to mitigate and minimize them
  • is extremely detail-oriented
  • takes true pride in their work
  • is able to manage multiple tasks while being deadline-oriented
  • is a frequent and good communicator about their work

Required Skills

To be considered for the position, here’s what you’ll have:

  • 3+ years front-end development experience (HTML/CSS/JS), preferably using Bootstrap as a responsive front-end framework
  • 3+ years experience developing for content management systems (WordPress experience is preferred but not required)
  • understanding or experience with Agile development methodologies
  • understanding or experience with SOLID development principles
  • experience with git/version control
  • back-end and server-side experience, or willingness / ability to learn

If you don’t meet one or two of these requirements, but still feel you’d be a good fit, throw your hat in the mix anyway. You miss every shot you don’t take. Oh, and experience in Laravel and React is a plus, but not required.

What We Offer

We offer a relaxed & fun working environment; flexible start and end times to your days, and the opportunity for 4 day weeks if you want; a compensation package that includes a competitive salary, benefits, vac time, and bonus structure; the opportunity to work on interesting, challenging, and meaningful projects; professional development opportunities; and more. The expected salary for this role is between $50,000-70,000.

We are always looking for the right candidates to help us grow, and will be in contact with those we wish to connect with for an interview. Thanks!