Paper Leaf
September 1, 2021
Edmonton, Canada
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Position Overview

The UX/UI Designer position is mainly responsible for the strategy & execution of web & mobile projects (mobile apps, web apps and websites). This includes wireframing; prototyping; workflow mapping; visual design; design systems; client communication; user testing; and more. You might work on some print design and general graphic design as needed too, if you have those chops (but it’s a real rarity). Designers on our teams are involved early on, and throughout the entire process of a project. They frequently need to touch base with: the Design Director in order to maintain project quality and value; the Project Manager to stay on schedule & on budget; and the project Developers for iterative collaboration to ensure decisions made at the creative level aren’t negatively impacting Development’s role in the project.


  • Post-secondary education in design
  • Experience using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Fonts)
  • Experience using Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD
  • Digital portfolio work specifically websites, web apps and/or mobile apps

Ideal Candidate:

Are you the ideal candidate for this position? We’re looking for someone who...

  • has exceptional visual design skills.
  • gets as much satisfaction out of problem solving as they do visual design.
  • is supremely detail-oriented – you notice when a form field is misaligned by 2 pixels and it drives you bananas.
  • can unpack a problem and use design to solve it.
  • cares about the user experience (empathy FTW!) as much as how something looks.
  • works well in a team and can communicate effectively.
  • can foster collaboration with various types of roles and people.
  • has a sense of personal responsibility & organization.
  • isn't afraid to ask questions.


As a UX/UI designer you will be expected to:

  • collaborate with fellow designers, developers, project managers and clients.
  • participate in user testing, user interviews and other UX research.
  • create sitemaps and workflows.
  • wireframe and prototype.
  • develop application interface designs for various clients (we work in Figma!) – layout, styling, file preparation for responsive web apps and websites.
  • participate in and present at client meetings.
  • track time (it sucks, but it’s necessary).
  • and some other fun digital designy stuff.

If you don’t meet one or two of these requirements, but still feel you’d be a good fit, throw your hat in the mix anyway. You miss every shot you don’t take.

About Paper Leaf

Paper Leaf is an award-winning digital product agency located in Edmonton, AB. We design & develop innovative custom websites, web applications, and mobile applications –and we are looking to add another full-time UX/UI designer to our current team to help us do that. We have a fun, relaxed & flexible environment; a tight-knit team where your voice is heard; a variety of challenging, rewarding, and creative work; and room for professional development. It’s a good place to be, and while we're currently remote during the pandemic, we do anticipate working back in a traditional office space at least part-time when we return.

With that said, this is a semi-remote position for now, and applicants should be able to travel to Edmonton, Alberta and work from our office at least two days every week. Applications from anywhere in Alberta will be considered. We will also accept applications from anywhere in Canada if you’d like to move to Alberta.

We work on projects for clients across the globe, and you'll be working on a team that values high-quality execution – not one that is hellbent on burning you out and churning out as much work as possible. You can learn more about our work on the Portfolio page , our team on our About page, and get a good vibe of our culture from our Instagram feed. Sometimes mission statements are bogus, but we believe in ours: to help businesses and organizations grow through elegant execution of design and technology.

As well, we believe that diversity in all regards contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently improve Paper Leaf and the work we do. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.