Top Draw Inc
January 8, 2018
Edmonton, Canada
Job Type


Digital Strategist

We’re growing our team at Top Draw! The position of Digital Strategist works to create campaigns that are remarkable, clickable/tappable, and sharable by helping to define project purpose, feed creativity, define target markets and segments, align and sharpen work, sell work, and finally, helping to plan integrated campaigns.

What do we mean by a digital strategy?

Digital Strategy is the who, what, when and where of listening and responding to consumers, that helps to define, inform, and add structure to the how of a project. In practice, Digital Strategies help to create and bridge brand channels and experiences, iterate offerings and services, while collecting and activating consumer relationships to accomplish an actionable and measurable objective or objectives.

What do we expect a digital strategist to do?

At Top Draw strategists participate in all phases of a given project, from Ideation to Production and post-implementation analysis, and will be expected to lead the production of compelling Creative Briefs, Idea Charters, Campaign Plans and Playbooks and other internal and external documents that make up (you guessed it) a Digital Strategy.

At TopDraw, a Digital Strategist develops and oversees the creation of digital strategies, while helping to inspire digital creativity by discovering insights and opportunities. Specifically, we mean that the strategist will:

Develop: through designing and conducting research, and reporting back on opportunities and insights to align and refine work.

Oversee: by monitoring Brand Health, and helping to lead the development of integrated, multi-channel branded campaigns

Inspire: through initial and ongoing briefings, as participation in a highly collaborative design process.

What makes a great digital strategist?

First, you need to “get” digital, and be able to articulate its power and shortcomings to clients and team members. Second, since the position is inherently client facing, you’ll need great soft skills that make you a capable facilitator, a great presenter, and even better writer.

More importantly, if you’re interested in and have opinions about everything, look at projects as opportunities to learn something new and awesome, as see digital problems as apple-carts waiting to be upset in the service of a bigger goal.

Philosophy aside, these are the qualities that we want in our strategists:

Brave: Vigorously defend the stuff you believe in to clients and colleagues because you believe in it, and not just to win a fight.

Empathy: ‘Get’ the world as users see it, and work to design solutions that solve business and consumer problems.


You will have:

  • All or most of the aforementioned qualities.
  • A combination of education and 3-5 years of experience that makes you all of the above.
  • A book full of sample digital projects and campaigns that you have worked on, and a plan to talk about your favourite one, and answer questions about all of them.

What you’ll get from us:

  • A competitive salary
  • Support from the company to help train and develop you going forward – mentoring, lunch & learns, guest speakers, webinars, and courses
  • Creative, friendly place to work with an amazing team
  • Hack sessions and time allocated to working on internal projects
  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Regular meals and drinks as a team
  • Flex-time