Box Clever
April 26, 2021
#200, 100 Palisades Way, Sherwood Park, Canada
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We’re in need of a standout designer who can contribute to all of the aspects of our design process from tackling the larger user experience goals of our core products to crafting the finest details of a client site’s user interface. If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk.

We will check out each applicant, and are open to designers with years of experience, and those fresh out of design school!



About Box Clever

Box Clever is an award-winning web design company based in Alberta. We are a team of digital artisans who are relentlessly driven to enhance our clients’ online presence and carry out their mission. We're a friendly, welcoming team of people that love what we do — creating amazing projects through innovation, creativity, and well-defined strategies.

About The Role

You will be part of all of the phases of our design process from definition to development. You’ll gain a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs, create gorgeous UI’s, and collaborate with our exceptional developers to implement your vision.

You’ll also be working on our own line of products, applying strategic thinking, and consistently iterating them to create the best user experience possible.

You’ll be doing what you love in a team that gives you all the tools you need to excel, and to support you in your continuing professional development. Most of our team is currently working remotely, and we're looking forward to the day we can all be back to normal in our office together again!

Oh, and there's a great chance you'll be adding to our long list of design awards as well.


  • Deep understanding of the latest in UX and UI best practices
  • Solid portfolio of web design work (quality > quantity)
  • Proficiency in tools such as Sketch or the Adobe Suite
  • Familiarity with accessibility best practices
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity with UI animation and microinteractions
  • Some proficiency in HTML and CSS
  • Print and branding skills
  • Experience working within a CMS
  • Photography

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