PDERAS Consulting
September 24, 2018
Edmonton, Canada
Job Type


As of October 2018, We are looking to hire a talented web developer.

Lately, we have been finding we need an extra set of hands to develop systems and modules for our new and ongoing clients. Although we have four full-time developers, we would like to test out a fifth and see how much he or she can improve our output. Our goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs, and so shortening deadlines is another way we can accommodate this.

We are looking for someone who can quickly learn and follow our defined coding guidelines, and pick up where others have left off. Having the ability to match visual styles, across modules, is important to us as well, as although we have an in-house designer for guidance and feedback, we would prefer you could make design decisions on your own.

Alongside an eye for design, we would also like someone fluent in several coding languages and who is open to learning even more.