November 5, 2015
Edmonton, Canada
Job Type


Job Description

Whitespark is looking to hire a full-time web app developer to help us improve our existing systems and develop new systems.

About The Job

  • You’ll work on adding functionality and fixing bugs with our existing software systems, Local Citation Finder, Local Rank Tracker, Accounts, and a handful of other tools.
  • You’ll work on the many new tools and systems that we’re developing.
  • You’ll do some server admin type work, configuring linux servers in the cloud, installing software, etc.
  • You'll contribute with ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our processes and documentation.


What you need

  • At least four years of relevant experience building web applications in PHP/MySQL/JavaScript
  • Experience with PHP MVC frameworks. (We use Zend & Laravel)
  • Version control experience. (We use SVN, but experience with any version control system is good)
  • We use a broad range of tools and libraries to build our services. Ideally, you will also have experience with some or all of the following: jQuery, Backbone.js, Sass/Less.js Bootstrap, Redis, Couchbase, Beanstalkd, NodeJS, Vagrant, Google Maps API, PayPal API, Beanstream API, Payflow API.
  • No fear of speaking up. If you have questions or think we could be doing something in a better way, we want to hear what’s on your mind.
  • The ability to think on your feet and make a judgment call.  We don’t want analysis-paralysis.
  • Ideally you live in Edmonton year-round.  All other things being equal, we like getting together to work together face-to-face about once a month.  But if you're an amazing developer and happen to live in a different city (or a different country), we're still interested in hearing from you.


Why you’d love working at Whitespark

  • Solid pay.
  • Work from home.  No need for a car, a tie, or even pants.  Everyone at Whitespark collaborates on Skype constantly (but we’re probably going to switch to Slack soon).
  • Vacation time is rarely a problem.  But let us know if every year you go on a two-month backpacking trip in the Andes.
  • We’re nice people.


How to apply

If this looks like the job for you, we'd love to talk to you. Just email darren@whitespark.ca and put "Web App Developer" in the subject.


About Whitespark

Whitespark is an Edmonton, AB based company, focused on developing software and services for local SEO. Whitespark was founded as a web development and SEO company by Darren Shaw (@DarrenShaw_) in 2005. In 2010 we launched the popular Local Citation Finder and we've been obsessed with local search since.